We are a fully functioning and operating music school located in Alliston Ont. We excel in all areas of music: vocals, piano, guitar, ukulele and drums. We are a friendly family run business that vows to make this a fun, positive, creative place where people can discover and grow within their chosen talent.

Extra services will include: conservatory training, audition prep, singer/songwriter clinics, creating a social media exposure base like YouTube and Instagram followings, contacts to recording services and more.

Rise above your doubts
Inspire yourself and others
Shoot for the stars
I am tomorow
Never give up
Give it all you got

Strive to meet your goals
Think outside of the box
Always practice your talent
Remember why you started

Music is in the soul and can be heard
Understanding love and compassion
Sing like no one is listening  
I like beautiful melodies  
Continually live your best life

Always play like no one is watching  
Comfort zone is not where you grow
Always be yourself
Embrace your creativity  
Music is the strongest form of magic
You just work hard for what you want

We hope to see you soon!